It took me awhile to “get it”. Get what my purpose actually was that is.

I honestly didn’t have a single clue what to do with my life when I was growing up. I hated school — completely, 100% resented having to be in a classroom every single day. In many ways I felt cheated, and I simply couldn’t accept it. I never quit school, even though the thought crossed my mind occasionally. I became very lazy, and cut corners in every way I possibly could. I would visit my locker one day out of the entire year, dump all…

An interview series for elevating creative voices

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I have been asking myself over and over again as of recent times — how can I help others more? I love being a manager, an inspiration, and mentor to others. Although there’s something I enjoy even more, and that is helping others find success.

I know firsthand how easy it can be to feel lost in this crazy career we call design. There are so many varying points-of-view, and that can sometimes be daunting to sift through. …

Melissa Vernik will move you with the energy she brings to the design industry. A genuine designer that will better our world!

“Humans innately think ‘me-first’ but it’s difficult to solve another’s problem without stepping into their shoes.” ~Melissa Vernik

See how Vanessa Garza discovers unique, and clever ways to inspire the world around her by doing what she loves most 🎨

By: Vanessa Garza

“Not all art has to have a deeper meaning.” ~Vanessa Garza

Learn how Lakisha White found her calling in User Experience Design & Research among the books 📚

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

“Remember when you dreamed of being where you are now? Follow your dreams.” ~Anonymous

Need some design leadership inspiration? Look no further—Natashia Tjandra is seriously crushing it!

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

“Keep track of what gives you energy. This will be super useful in charting your career in the future.” ~Natashia Tjandra

Jennifer Clarke discusses how she navigates as a design leader

Photo by Maximilian Weisbecker on Unsplash

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~Amelia Earhart

Learn how Shawn Hickman built the app he always wished he had, and his point-of-view about how you can do the same

Sofa isn’t some faceless corporation, it’s made by a real person.” ~Shawn Hickman

Danica Pascavage is truly an inspiration in how she and her organization, TechGirlz, are paving a future for girls in tech

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

A few years ago a coworker of mine from Think Company had tagged me in a tweet from Danica Pascavage simply posing the question, “related”? While we both share the same unique last name, no we are not 😊. Although one really cool thing we did have in common was that we both had a career in the tech industry!

I’ve always had the desire to give back to our youth and help them learn more about a career in tech, but never knew how to go about it. Having met Danica and learning what TechGirlz was about, was incredibly…

Nita Baum will move you with the energy she brings in shaping a world of equality, and making a better life for all to co-exist

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

“Life has taught me that the unknown is much more vast than the known.” ~Nita Baum

Joe Pascavage ✍🏼

Design Manager at & Founder of Find me @joepascavage or at

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