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Streamline and Elevate Feedback Collection with Airtable

Joe Pascavage
4 min readApr 29, 2024
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As performance review season rolls in, the demand on leaders and managers to not only assess but also inspire their teams skyrockets. With years of experience in organizing feedback effectively, I’ve discovered that the right tools can significantly streamline this crucial process. Here’s how two transformative Airtable templates have reshaped my approach:

Improve Yourself as a Leader with “A Better Me

This is a structure that I’ve been using for years as a manager for my own self reflection and leadership development. Every individual on your team requires different things. It’s important to know how to remain adaptable, and this very simple structure I’ve built in Airtable has really helped me improve as a leader throughout my career.

Effortless Peer Review Collection”: Organize Peer Feedback with Ease

Forget the chaos of email for collecting peer feedback. The “Effortless Peer Review Collection” template in Airtable has made organizing feedback straightforward — not just for me, but also for those providing it. This tool keeps peer feedback well-organized and accessible, facilitating ongoing growth year over year.

🤩 A Better Me: Reinventing Leadership Through Feedback

A Better Me revolutionizes how leaders approach feedback. It integrates seamlessly into your Airtable workspace, fostering a culture of openness and continuous improvement. This tool is indispensable for any leader committed to evolving alongside their team.

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Dynamic Features Include:

  • Tailored Feedback Sections: Crafted to extract meaningful insights and foster genuine self-improvement.
  • Instant Setup: Dive right into feedback collection with no fuss.
  • Actionable Insights: Utilize built-in reports to make strategic adjustments to your leadership approach.
  • Engaging Design: Ensures high participation rates with its clean, intuitive interface.
Easily reflect YoY on your progress, add notes, and develop a better you.

😎 Effortless Peer Review Collection: Elevating Team Performance Seamlessly

Maximize the effectiveness of peer reviews with this tailor-made template. It fits perfectly into your Airtable setup and is engineered to facilitate constructive and streamlined feedback collection.

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Standout Features Include:

  • Detailed Feedback Framework: Drives constructive peer evaluations that really get to the heart of performance.
  • Quick Compilation: Gathers and organizes feedback swiftly, ensuring timely and relevant performance discussions.
  • Customizable Questions: Adjust the template to meet the specific needs of your team and organizational goals.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Designed to boost engagement and minimize response fatigue.
Have a birds eye view of every piece of data and easily drill down into specific areas.

Harness the Power of Structured Feedback

Both A Better Me and the “Effortless Peer Review Collection” templates are more than just tools — they are gateways to enhancing leadership and team dynamics. These Airtable templates simplify the feedback process, allowing you to focus on what really matters: developing a team that’s equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Don’t let performance review season become a time of stress. Instead, transform it into an opportunity for significant growth and improvement with these innovative solutions. Include visuals of the templates in your article to engage and attract your audience further, and share the ease and effectiveness they have brought to my feedback processes over the years!

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