Heber Alvares | Portfolio Thank you! Any questions you, or anyone else may ever have I’d be more than happy to share further insight.

There are several resources available for everyone online.

Treehouse has several courses I’ve taken. Nick Petit is a great instructor. Check it out here.

InVision often harps on this topic as well. I’d highly recommend signing up for their newsletter. Also here is a post from their blog: Ultimate Guide to Web Content Accessibility

And finally, depending on whether you’re designing in Photoshop or Sketch there are also color contrast plugins you can install and activate. If you don’t want to go the plugin route; a personal online contrast checker of mine can be found here.

Thanks, again! Best of luck to you 👍🏼

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Design Manager at thinkcompany.com & Founder of getinterviewed.blog. Find me @joepascavage or at joep.design

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