Episode 20: The “Fairy Godmother of Writing”

An inspirational journey of proofreader & writing coach, Darcy Peltz, discovering her passion 🔮

Joe Pascavage


“When customers see quality content posted online, or printed in a manuscript, they will be inclined to look you up further.” ~Darcy Peltz

I had the pleasure to connect with Darcy Peltz recently, and I was truly inspired by her story from first contact. I was equally excited that she’s the first interview that found this blog via a Google search (yay!). She’s a professional proofreader & writing coach that has a unique “Spidey-Sense” in how she approaches her work. Her clients and experiences come in all shapes and sizes. It’s really wonderful to see how motivated she is to take on just about anything. If you’re in need of some encouragement, this read is for you.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg, and I don’t want to give too much away! Her points-of-view are very inspiring so it’s better to just hear it from her.

✨ About Darcy Peltz

Joe Pascavage ✍🏼
Tell us a little bit about yourself:

As a young adult, I often immersed myself in fantasy novels, as youthful people often do to escape reality. In my case, reading classic sagas such as The Lord of the Rings and The Dream Hunter allowed me to explore my own imagination. Like most teenagers, I struggled with certain subjects, such as math and science (who needs ’em, anyways?), but excelled in others, primarily English. Reading and writing were an escape from my adolescent stress and constant ribbing which filled my days. It wasn’t all bad, though! I eventually made friends in my school’s theatre community which helped me achieve a level of confidence that I did not know I had. Acting aided me in finishing the merciless jungle that is high school and helped me survive through seven years of retail, until I finally found my calling: proofreading. With that one goal in mind, I set out on a long journey of self-discovery which lead me to my…